We need just 3 things from you.

To get your restaurant's website up and running as efficiently as possible, we do ask that you come prepared. We don't need a lot, but what we do ask from you will ensure that your restaurant's new or updated website will look as good as it can

Your Photography

Images are the foundation of your site. It is essential to have clean, crisp images with focused content to ensure the look of a professional website. With our provided guidelines for quantities, sizing and content we make it easy for you to find the right image. However, if you don't have photos available to you, we can work with stock images providers to compliment your content.

Your Logos

Logos, at their core, are the definition of who you are. That said, we ask that you provide us with clean, crisp logos that can be applied anywhere and never degrade. Blurry or pixelated logos just won't do! If you don't have a logo or brand identity and need of help developing an one, we are more than happy to assist. Please check out the Make it Happen package as this service is included. 

Your Words

Copy allows you to tell your customers who you are. What is your theme, your history, why are you better than other establishments in the area? It is these questions that are best told by the people that own and manage the restaurant. Hence we ask that the copy come from you. Don't worry if you are not a writer–we will help you. 

Now, If you just don't have the time, please check out the Make it Happen package. With a few fundamental questions our content writers will jump in and craft the right words to tell your story – whether it's your About Us page or product descriptions for e-commerce – our content cuts through the clutter and gets right to the point.


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Do you have an ideal date for website launch?