Our Design Process


Step 1 - Discover

This is our opportunity to get to know you, the business, your brand, as well as, the experience you would like to provide for your customers. At the same time, we will review the process and expectations to ensure you have a full understanding of what it takes to go from concept to completion.  


Step 2 - Design

With assets in hand, we get to work designing your website. Based on info gathered during the discovery phase, we consider fonts, colors, content, templates etc. to find that perfect combination. In addition, we tend to the technical items such as the custom web address, social media and admin access.


Step 3 - Presentation

Time for the the big reveal! We will provide a personal walk through, page by page, presenting our design, direction, and functionality choices. More importantly, we want to hear from you. During this phase, your feedback will dictate the outcome for launch day. Hence, we want you to take a day. With a private link, you will be able to view and share the full site to gain the necessary feedback from your stakeholders. 


Step 4 - Launch

After the final sign-off, it is time to prepare for launch. Before we hit the switch, you will need a little training. A thorough, but concise lesson plan will give you the basics of editing menus, images, general text, analytics, and if appropriate, commerce/inventory management. Upon completion of the training, we will officially hand over the keys and make the site live to the public. 


Post Launch

We will give you a few days and a few visitors before we contact you regarding any issues, concerns or questions. You have a built-in support period that allows us to make minor edits if you happen to make a mistake or forget how to complete a task, we are simply here get you through the pains of learning something new. 



Why Squarespace?

CreativeMcCoy creates results-optimized websites using the publishing platform Squarespace. The easy-to-use interface gives you the keys to your site, we build it, but you have full control because you own it! No need to pay someone to change a photo or edit your online menus. Squarespace also provides outstanding reliability, best in class support, updated technology, and beautifully designed templates that appeal to the most discerning customer. Not sold? Here are six reasons why:

1. Squarespace offers image-rich templates.

There's nothing like full-color photos to tantalize taste buds and drive interest in the items on your menu. Squarespace's award-winning templates are completely customizable, too, so you can achieve a unique look and feel that is both beautiful and effective at driving more customers to your location(s). 

2. Squarespace restaurant websites Are mobile-friendly.

Their website templates are all mobile-friendly right out-of-the-box. Your website is built with impressive responsive design best practices, which means customers will see the tantalizing website no matter which device are using. Smartphones are where people are when they decide they're hungry these days. 

3. Squarespace integrates with Google maps.

Squarespace makes it easy to show people how to get to your restaurant by seamlessly integrating with Google Maps. The platform brings you stylish and elegant Google Maps customized for your restaurant's website.

4. Squarespace integrates with OpenTable.

Provide patrons with an easy way to make reservations with an OpenTable widget that works with your existing account. 

5. Create simple menus with formatting options.

Squarespace includes a menu system with simple formatting options for price, menu item titles, descriptions, and some minor design options to account for variations in products and visual preference.

6. Squarespace restaurant websites are search engine optimization-friendly.

You want your website to show up when people search for food and restaurant options within their area. Squarespace is SEO-friendly and is a reliable platform when used as part of an active online marketing strategy.